Kiss Me! I’m Irish


Okay, so I’m only like 1/16th Irish.  But, that still counts, right?!  Besides, this was a good opportunity to do a tutorial about “wet on wet” decorating.  Basically, what “wet on wet” means is that you decorate your cookie BEFORE your layer of flood icing dries.  “Wet on dry,” on the other hand, would be adding decorations AFTER your flood icing dries.


So, I actually used both techniques to make these cookies, but I’m going to focus on the lips, which use the “wet on wet” technique, since they are the star of my cookie collection today!


First, you want to outline your cookie with piping consistency icing, like you would normally do.


Next, flood with flood consistency icing.


Now, here comes the “wet on wet” technique.  Use flood consistency red icing to place dots on your WET flood icing, like this:


Do you see how the red kind of settles down into the green?  I’m going to use the little dot as a close up shot to show you the details…Okay, you have to work quickly here, because you don’t want your icing to start drying before you make your lips!


Insert a scribe (or toothpick) into the green icing, just above the red dot.  Gently pull the green icing into the red dot, and stop halfway.  This will create the “cupid’s bow” of the lips.


Wipe the excess icing from the tip of your scribe.  Next, insert your scribe into the center of the red dot and gently pull the red icing outward horizontally.


Repeat that step in the opposite direction.


Voila!  Lips!


You can use this “lip” technique for a variety of cookies.  Some cookies that immediately come to mind are Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Anniversary, engagement, wedding, and the list goes on & on.


Have a great St. Patrick’s Day, and a great time making and giving kisses!


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